Wish you were here...

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I’ve been in the catering business for 9 years and have always made sure I get away and escape from it all every year. I think this is part of the reason I am so happy and still doing what I do. Travel broadens the mind and going to different countries is so important for a chef - that’s my excuse anyway!

This week I’m in Mykonos - next week Santorini! I’ve eaten some incredibly simple but delicious food. There were aubergines baked with tomato and feta, shrimps with green peppers, onion, dill, tomato and feta and fried feta with sesame & honey and it’s only day four.

The thing about Mykonos is its trademark whitewashed buildings - local Planning Regulations forbid builds that exceed two stories and all buildings must be whitewashed. 

What is your business, or indeed your personal, trademark?

Tara's Table Catering Trademark

At Tara’s Table, our trademark is that we always leave your kitchen spotless, so if you are thinking of entertaining with our Private Chef Service, you can relax completely and leave it all to us - we sometimes leave your kitchen even cleaner than we find it!

For more about our corporate catering or our services as a private chef in the Bristol area, do get in touch