Does Gold or Silver win the day?

I’m thrilled to announce that Tara’s Table has just been given yet another award, to join the Luxury Travel Guide Private Chef Award 2018, the Lux 2019 Leaders in Luxury Private Caterers in the South West 2019 and the Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2019, now I’m just showing off, I know.

This time it’s all part of the Bristol City Council Initiative ‘Bristol Eating Better’.  Is it the coveted First prize? The Gold medal? Actually, no, it’s Silver which is even better in the circumstances!  You may think me crazy, but here’s why: we are primarily a Private Chef Service -  also a Corporate Event Caterer, and this means that, since 2010, we have been helping our faithful tribe of customers celebrate many joyous events: birthdays from 18ths to 80ths, anniversaries, Christmas parties, summer BBQs, even funerals, which are after all, a celebration of life and there is no better way to mark the passing of a loved one by remembering them with some really good food. After all, everyone has an emotional connection with eating!

So, what exactly does a Silver Award in the Bristol Eating Better initiative mean?  Tara’s Table has achieved 89% of the possible actions, as well as a Sugar Smart Award - double whammy!!  This basically means that we won't spoil all the fun by being complete killjoys but we do care about offering healthy alternatives (ie: less sugar, vegan options) on all of our menus. 

During the process of applying for this award, I was proud to stick to my guns and was completely honest although I knew this would probably sabotage my likelihood of winning Gold.  I was asked whether I offered low fat alternatives and I found myself prickling at the question.  For the record, I don’t believe that a low fat diet is or has ever been, the answer to healthy eating and living – a lot of goodness is in good fats, so why remove it? I do agree much more with cutting out processed carbs and so that is what was reflected in my application. 

So, it’s full fat all the way - who wants to book a Caterer to celebrate a happy event to be told what they should or shouldn’t eat? It’s a tricky old balance. What do you think? 

Happy celebrating, whatever it’s in aid of and don’t forget to give us a call!